What are you currently wearing here today in church?

What are you currently wearing here today in church?

If you take ten men and give them a task of marching down a road from point A to point B for ten miles, they will follow a leader even if this leader takes them off course through a swamp. That’s human nature. WHY? because that’s what they are lead to do.

We must pray for our Clergy, they will pay the ultimate cost for their poor leadership. Christ said, “by there deed’s you shall know them”

Sadly to say however, some leaders of the catholic church today are more concerned about the thoughts and concerns of the lay people and their bosses than they are of God. They lost touch of the fact that Christ uses the bishops and the Victor of Christ here on earth to ordain a priest and that that ordination belongs to GOD and NOT to man.

i am currently 50 years old. When I was a young alter boy, you feared your priest, it was a healthy fear and all the lay people felt the same. When the priest spoke, you listened. That was that. Today the average priest lacks moral catholic discipline. When they lack that discipline so goes the church, you have empty pews, you have moral change. “the blind leading the blind” In the civil work force, if you have bad leadership, you have failure.

You folks above are most certainly the pillars of the church. We must stand and say our piece, you must not falter, we are whats left of the faith today. Remember, Christ said those that witness error and do nothing are just as guilty as those that commit the error.

Please continue to pray for our priests and for the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA as our Blessed Lady requested at Fatima. This was an order from God, not a request.

One more thing: No clothing should be worn with writing on it. I am shocked when I see people wearing T-shirts with “Thor” on it or “Blue Devils” or names of sports teams, etc. When a person is wearing a shirt like these just mentioned, it is a distracting, but more importantly, it is telling every one who they really are worshipping. And it isn’t God!

Speaking only for myself, sackcloth and ashes would probably be the most appropriate. But I make due with khaki’s or trousers, dress-shoes (oxfords), oxford shirt, sport coat and about half the time a tie. If it is going to be extra-ordinarily hot a short sleeve button down shirt is worn. But then these are just every day work clothes for me.

I doubt it

As for women wearing pants I’d have to side with my late grandma; meaning an emphatic no. Pants on women would have to be so baggy so as not to be suggestive that they cease being feminine.

But then I’m rather formal as my profession requires. I don’t wear any short pants, sandals of any sort, jeans or tennis shoes. Leather boots, khakis and button down shirt is about as casual as it get.

I prayer that every priest would give that talk in church. When I ran a CCD program, that was my one rule for Mass, not shorts. I had many parents mad because they thought I was being too strick.

We had a preist in our parish about 10 years ago who always gave his “spiel” at the beginning of the warm weather about appropriate dress for Mass, and what he didn’t want to see

I agree it will go back to the priest. Don’t talk about the bishops? We are without shepherds (So Sad).

I’m only 32, and a lot of my friends think I’m too old-fashioned when it comes to these things, but really–would anyone go to visit the Queen of England in ripped jeans, sneakers, and a Bob Marley t-shirt? So why should anyone think that that type of attire is appropriate for Holy Mass? I think these rules/guidelines you came up with are absolutely appropriate, and all churches should be following them. My mother NEVER let me payday loans online Utah direct lenders wear jeans and the like to church! It was about being respectful when going into the house of the Lord.

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