This lady reference to their sibling Yorinobu is considered the most higher characteristics in order to her

This lady reference to their sibling Yorinobu is considered the most higher characteristics in order to her


Because of her strong and you can relaxed temperament she’s capable command and you may lead with higher pleasure on her performs. Hanako turned the figurehead and Ceo of one’s Company. Although the woman electronic methods was indeed exactly what drove the lady, Hanako are the only one exactly who knew Alt’s focus on the latest Soulkiller.


Hanako Arasaka came into this world so you’re able to Michiko Arasaka and you may Saburo Arasaka towards the February 2, 1999. The lady mother passed away soon thereafter on account of challenge considering the latest beginning. Due to this fact, she quickly turned Saburo’s favorite child.

Saburo are charmed because of the their little daughter’s good charm, in which he chose to increase her regarding sheltered confines off the Arasaka Nearest and dearest Compound to safeguard their from the scratch traumas of existence regarding the exterior globe. Hanako acquired the girl schooling within compound using trusted teachers. Whether or not this woman is an adult woman today, Hanako still just simply leaves the latest compound regarding once per month, then just not as much as hefty companion. Block in the outside world, she learned just how to travel and you can speak about the internet alternatively. Saburo made sure one Hanako is actually never generated familiar with the newest dark section of the organization, but, as a result of her Websites explorations, Hanako was just begin to believe this new horrible specifics.

If you find yourself Hanako won’t get off the brand new material, the few times she would get-off observe Tokyo she is escorted by the Shintaro Takayama, the principle out-of coverage of compound, otherwise Katsuo Iwashima, the next during the order. Shintaro try such as for example a second father so you’re able to the girl and you can she leading him over really. Hanako was also happier along with his tales off ancient Japan the guy create share with their if you find yourself she try growing upwards. Katsuo perform escort her whenever Shintaro wasn’t offered along with her experience of him was a fantastic you to definitely.

Hanako try a nice and you can smart lady. She was actually chafing not as much as the woman father’s well meaning restraint for ten years, but she had never voiced their complaints. She understood you to the girl dad wanted to plan the girl relationships when you look at the order so you can harden a business alliance, but she covertly dreaded a single day it would happen. Hanako never ever wished to hurt her father, but she got bound to reside another life just after the guy died. Hanako’s relationship with their older 1 / 2 of-cousin Kei is burdened. If you are Kei appreciated Hanako and you may should do anything for her, she located your cool and you may intimidating rather than totally thinking him.

This lady nearest relative is actually Yorinobu, their old rebellious sibling of the identical mother. Hanako and you will Yorinobu perform continuously satisfy throughout the Net as he rode for the Material Dragons.


Hanako was not yourself involved in the 4th Business Combat; she was left not as much as rigid defense. Within these age, Hanako invested most of the woman time in Osaka. Following the war finished, she went to brand new funeral regarding their earliest brother Kei, who had be an effective casualty of the attacking. Hanako along with her dad was indeed surprised whenever Yorinobu made use of the funeral service due to the fact a chance to ask for forgiveness. Using the lady help, Yorinobu was recognized back once again to brand new family members’ flex.


A highly skilled Netrunner, Hanako is of 1 couples just who realized the real meaning of Alt Cunningham’s functions. That have long been reclusive, she popular be effective for her digital methods, particularly with the a modified brand of Soulkiller with the objective out of mobile engrams towards duplicate government. However, after the death of Kei, with the rest of the outdated Shield harmonious up to their, forming the fresh new Kiji (?) Faction. Several traditional technocrats, they wanted to continue Saburo and you may Kei’s preparations, yet longing for a peaceful reconciliation with the NUSA. When you’re Hanako is brand new faction’s figurehead, the level of the girl wedding stays not sure.

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