Perception means a lot but better safe than sorry

Perception means a lot but better safe than sorry

This test reenforces my belief that appearance and confidence will trump a thug’s intent because his intent is solely based on either perception or deception. Basically, a woman’s confidence and body language will trump a thug’s efforts most of the time, mainly because of his fear of failure.

Take this test for what it’s worth to you, but I strongly believe that your confidence and your body language with strangers speaks volumes about you and can protect you.


Trust me, if I don’t shave for two or three days and walking around in my work clothes, people treat me differently than when I’m clean shaven and wearing a tie and slacks. Think about that when you leaving the crowded mall to your car after four hours of power shopping!

My Skewering of Vivant Security Systems

I’ve posted about Vivint Security Systems on this blog and have personally dealt with this company personally as they tried to sell me on their ultimate security system but, I ultimately rated them as a D as a business after a little research. Now, as an Army veteran who online payday loans in VA found this ABC News report on them, I now demote them down to an F- with all kinds of malice!. If there was a lower grade, believe me, I would rate them as low as is possible! BTW, the Better Business Bureau has demoted Vivint to a big fat F*cking F. And, I’m not one to curse.

I feel compelled to relay this information on Vivint to my security minded followers after finding this report on ABC News. Well, as this ABC report clearly shows, Vivint appears to be just another money hungry company jumping on the veterans bandwagon to take clear advantage of US vets by means of legal mumbo-jumbo for profit by “legally contractual” means. Just another reason to avoid this deceptive and disgusting alarm company.

At this point, I wouldn’t let them install their system in my dog’s house. As a Desert Storm and 19 year US Army vet, I feel like an innocent kidnapped virgin sold as a whore for some scumbag’s profit who will will just use me for my body then discard me off to the side of the alley as soon as the band wagon profits dropped.

Vivint, let me ask you something. Where is your focus? Veterans who answered their call of duty to defend the very democracy that give you the opportunity to live a prosperous life, or financial gain for your corporate officers and shareholders? Is your personal luxurious life more important than the lives of patriotic Americans who have sworn their lives to the US Constitution and sacrificed their lives? Can you possibly be that f*cking shallow? Really? A fancy car and mansion is more valuable to you than a fellow American life who is willing to stand up for your rights and the basic human rights of others less fortunate? For your personal gain. Then you hide behind legal “contracts” you deceptively wrote for that purpose?

Vivint, go ahead and hide behind the , The US legal system, The dog eat dog world, every man for himself, who ever ends up with the most toys, wins, the every minute there’s a sucker born mentality, however your sick mind can justify your pathetic behavior. You will NEVER win and ultimately wind up just another has been company who attempted to undermine true American truth!

OK Vivint, before you sic your legal team on me for defamation and slander, let me ask you this? How many lawyers do you have on retention and payroll willing to risk their legal careers versus how many military vets since WWII and truly patriotic Americans willing to stand firm for vets over a company who was re-branded from APEX because of customer complaints? Just remember Vivint, there is enough on you online to for us to prove our point regardless of your overpaid legal team. Your legal maneuvering will NEVER override the truth because financial gain can never beat out the American patriotism of American vets and true Americans!

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