I too attend Latin Mass and there is no problem with dress at our church

I too attend Latin Mass and there is no problem with dress at our church

Priests have even talked about it during the homily say, ” We realize the weather is getting warmer, but we must still remember we are in God’s house and to dress modestly. Thank you for Latin Mass!!

How sad is it that you are more concerned about a person’s dress than your own spirituality or theirs

AJ- Mass is also an ecclesial experience. It’s not just between you and God. What others say and do effect the whole body.

Several years ago, I attended a church that had a large migrant worker population. I sat in horror while a Priest lectured and demeaned the Congregation for wearing jeans and tennis shoes to Church. I watched a family squirm in the pew in front of me, and saw the humiliation on their faces. The youngest child tugged on his Fathers sleeve and whispered “But Papa, these ARE my Sunday best clothes”. I felt the sadness and shame and wondered if they would return to church and risk another humiliating moment, skip church in the future , or choose between eating and dressing properly. It bothered me for a long time, and I prayed for the family that they e to the realization that God is more interested in what you wear on your heart than what you wear on your body. Dressing modestly is possible with jeans and a pure heart, rather that dressing to the nines in a strapless, expensive gown. I do wish that we would realize that God brought us into the world in our birthday suits, and sees EVERYTHING we bring to church…I will take a clean heart and jeans any day.

You can buy a 2nd hand pair of slacks and a dress shirt for next to nothing at your local Goodwill.

Maybe I’m just a country bumpkin, but I’ve never seen why jeans should be unacceptable. For some people that is just what they have and I don’t see why city dress should be forced upon country people. To dress modestly is the key, the actual style may vary.

Sorry, Bob, but I’m from the country and I couldn’t disagree with you more. Country people know that jeans are for work and dress clothes are for church. At least they did until Madisdon Ave. convinced them that jeans are ‘fashion’ and should be worn everywhere. Some of the poorest people I know dress the most nicely for church. It’s the rich ‘citified’ folks that come in their baggies and flip flops.

Philomeana, your logic is very disturbing. Yes, there are people that are poor, but I wonder, were there poor people 50-75 years ago? The answer of course is, “Yes.” The next question is, “Did they go to Holy Mass in jeans and tennis shoes?” The answer, “Of course not!” Even poor people can find a decent pair of pants and shoes, if they are really motivated by their faith and are encouraged to do so by the Priest.

Why do you go to mass?

The other point is, you are taking something that happened to the poor and applying it to EVERYONE. Very illogical… So if poor people can’t afford decent clothing (highly doubtful… they can afford cigarettes, cable TV, a car, other luxuries), does that mean that rich people can dress like a peasant at Holy Mass? According to your logic, it does. You are a woman who lets their emotion dictate what should be common sense, and is over here to most people. Pretty soon you will be saying women should be Priests because they are now cops, doctors, firefighters, and worse, altar servers.

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